Chaptr Styling Cream for Longer Frizzy Hair

Chaptr Styling Cream for Longer Frizzy Hair

When we begun creating Chapter Styling Cream, we wanted to include a combination of characteristics of our favourite products in the market and develop something that had versatility across a range of different hair types and lengths.

Many guys may think that a product like Chaptr Styling Cream can only be used for shorter hairstyles that don’t accommodate for curls when in fact, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

The key to managing curly or frizzy hair is being able to understand your hair type and what products or methods work best for you.

Understanding Frizzy Hair Types

If we want to get more scientific, the cause of frizzy hair is due to the amount of porosity between the cuticles of your hair.

What are Cuticles?
Cuticles are the microscopic fish like scales that make up the outside layer of your hair. They act similarly to pores on the skin in the sense that when the air is warmer they flare open and when it’s cooler they become tighter.

What is Porosity?

In basic form, porosity is the amount of open space between each cuticle. Hair types that have more space between the cuticles are considered “high porosity” and hair types with less space are considered low porosity.

Now, if you have course, curly or frizzy hair, it’s more than likely you have a high porosity hair type. You’ve probably also noticed that your hair can be rather poofy, dry and even rough in feeling. This is because your cuticles are so open that they struggle to retain moisture leaving your hair dry and the fact that they naturally fan out, makes the hair appear bigger.

This can be looked at negatively in terms of needing more maintenance and effort. However it can also be a blessing. Due to the high porosity, you also have incredible natural volume. Natural volume is something that guys with very low porosity hair tend to struggle with which is why they long for thick voluminous hair.

After understanding this, it’s easy to see why we always want what we don’t have. On the bright side, if you can learn how to take control of your hair type, you can actually really make it work in your favour.  

How To Tame Unruly Curly Hair
We decided to sling our friend Thomas In Action a tub of Chaptr Styling Cream. Thomas is a hair YouTuber catering his content towards guys with longer, curly hairstyles and we wanted see what he could come up with.

In his tutorial on how to tame curly hair for men, Thomas showed us a unique combination of how he used our product combined with some leave in conditioner and his signature braiding technique in order to tame his high porosity hair type.

Thomas said he really enjoyed the product and was able to enhance his natural curl, reduce frizz whilst still have flexibility with his long flowing mane. He also stressed that products like Styling Cream aren’t just for guys with short, quiffy hairstyles and that when used correctly can make the world of difference!

If from this post, you’ve been able to identify that you may in fact have a high porosity hair type, we strongly suggest you visit Thomas’s Channel or blog to get more insight on how you can make products like styling cream work for you!

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