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 Let’s think about what makes a head of hair a great one: Full and thick, strands that aren’t dull, and that don’t lie flat. In order to have great hair, you must set your self a solid foundation. A good foundation can lead you to fuller hair, shinier hair and can prevent hair from damaging to even reducing hair loss. That being said when trying to preserve what you love you must be regimented with a plan and willing to invest time to reap the benefits. Hair masks are treatments that you can develop and follow depending on the result that you’re looking for. There are treatments that you can formulate at home, purchase online or in-store and even leave-in or wash-out and only can be done a minimum of once a week or on the daily applied as a pre-styler to see results.

What is a hair mask? A hair mask is a deep conditioning treatment that helps to heal damaged hair. They contain rich ingredients such as natural oils and lipids that can create a healthy oasis to enrich your hair's health


 A hair mask on dry hair is usually oil-based for maximum effect. Since water repels oil, you will get the most benefit from an oil-based mask. Since you are able to formulate your own treatments, a dry hair mask can be mixed with key ingredients that can not only reduce frizz, dry scalp but also get rid of dandruff.
A moisturizing hair mask is beneficial and can be found in daily serums that can simply be applied alone or with your everyday styling cream. These are called leave-in hair mask which feels like a lotion or cream that act as a hydration hair mask. If you apply hair product daily, start by coating your hair follicle with a product that is going to maintain your hair healthy.
A Natural hair mask can be developed and created at home. Having a sense on what you want your hair mask to provide the first step. Let say you want a hair conditioning mask or the best hair mask for hair growth, then perform treatment the way it should be done.


Rule number one: You should never apply hair mask on the unwashed scalp. Nourishing ingredients won’t be able to get into inner structures of strands and nourish them. With more, dirt, dust, and sebum will combine with hair mask and cover scalp and hair with an unpleasant layer. So, remember to wash your hair and scalp before each application of hair mask.

Rule number two: Do not apply hair mask on very wet or soaking wet hair. It won’t have any sense, because cosmetic will be washed of hair, and won’t be able to even reach hair surface. It is like if you would buy a cosmetic and immediately after that throw it away. Remember, to dry hair with a paper towel before application of the hair mask.

Rule number three: Don’t overdo with the amount of hair mask. You probably think that the more cosmetic you’ll apply the better. Nothing more wrong than that. Hair will absorb exactly as much of product as they need and the rest of it will be wasted. In hair stylists world there is this rule, which says that the amount of product necessary for hair care is the size of a walnut. It is not a lot, but enough



How to apply a hair mask:

 Firstly, comb after application. Use a tangle teezer brush or a wide-tooth comb to guarantee that the product will administer throughout hair. Gently brush all over to allow the mask to reach each individual hair.  Secondly, Apply the hair mask to damp hair. Damp means ‘semi-dry” and far from soaking wet. This will avoid dilution of hair mask and can weaken its properties.

Thirdly, do not rinse hair mask with shampoo. Shampoo will directly rinse the hair mask out, therefore leaving yours with no results. Pointless treatment is a waste of time. Simply rinse with warm water and dry.  

Fourthly, do not forget about compress. You will enhance the properties of the hair mask only with higher temperature. Hair cuticles will rise and its influence and nourishing ingredients will absorb faster and reach the deepest layer of hair. After applying the hair mask, grab a towel or plastic cap which you can use a blow dryer for additional heat.  

Last... make sure to stick with the directions of application. If you find a hair mask that needs 20 minutes to actually work, you need to make sure that's what you’re doing. Otherwise, as mentioned, a leave-in can be a great alternative.